American Glass Gallery

Auction #27

Auction Closed On: Tuesday, November 17th

Auction #27 will feature 280 Lots of quality items including Historical Flasks, Choice Bitters, Rare Pontiled Medicines, Spirits and Whiskeys, Sodas and Mineral Waters, Fruit Jars, Inks, Blown and Pattern Molded items, and much more!

  • A choice grouping of scare and rare New England Sunburst Flasks
  • The final grouping of premier Midwest Pattern Molded Bottles and glass from the Mary Ballentine Collection. One of the last of the old-time Midwest collections.
  • An outstanding grouping of Ink Bottles including umbrellas in incredible colors, rare sizes and molds. In addition, rare cabin inks, cone inks, Harrison's Columbian Inks, and more. Many of these are from a long-time, very advanced private collection.
  • In addition, we are pleased to offer the giant, gallon-size, cobalt blue, wide-mouth Harrison's Columbian Ink. This unique piece is one of a handful of bottles, flasks, and glass objects considered by many to be at the pinnacle of Antique Bottles. It is an incredible piece of glass that crosses several bottle collecting categories.

Full-color, richly detailed, catalogs are still only $15 (post-paid). To reserve your copy, please click on the order link below. Watch our website for further updates.

Auction Closed. Download:

AGG Auction 27 cover